The Death and Life of John F. DonovanThe Breadwinner, and Vikings all share one very important quality: they’re all wildly successful Canadian coproductions!

With official coproduction treaties with over 50 countries and counting, coproductions are an important driver of our country’s diverse and dynamic screen industry. Each year, we work on about 60 official film and television coproductions to the tune of close to $500 million in production volume.

We love making movies, and if we may be so bold as to admit it–hey, we are polite Canadians, after all–we’re pretty great at it. With a prominent presence in international markets and festivals, we’re proud that our vibrant screen industry not only earns accolades and awards on the regular, but also produces top-notch films that have cultural and creative relevance. The talent, technicians, and other professionals who populate our industry are some of the best, and we offer government support, tax credits, and various financing sources. As a coproduction partner, you and your project can enjoy all these advantages, along with many more.

Why you should coproduce with us:

  1. We are out and about! We’re a busy bunch and Canadian producers with projects in development are at markets all year round, from Cannes, to MIFA, TIFF, Sundance, the EFM, and all the other content markets. The Canada Pavilion pops up just about everywhere! Search our directory of Canadian producers and projects who are present at each of these events, so you can easily rub elbows with potential partners.
  2. Two words: coproduction treaties. We have official audiovisual coproduction treaties or agreements in place with 55 countries and counting!
  3. Talent with a capital T! Whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes, Canadians are a talented bunch. In short, we know what we’re doing and we’re great at it.
  4. We’re polite, darn it. We’re sorry to say that everything you’ve heard about us is true. Sorry, eh.
  5. Access to all sorts of financial incentives, from reliable federal and provincial tax credits to enhanced Canadian broadcast license fees, private and public discretionary funding, and other ongoing federal support. It pays to add a little Canada to your next project.
  6. Access to Eurimages! Did you know that Canada is its 38th member country–and the first non-European country?
  7. We’ve got some of the most beautiful land- and cityscapes in the whole wide world.
  8. Canadian productions stand shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the best in the world. From Cannes to Venice, to TIFF and Berlin, year after year, Canadian productions are recognized by the top of the top.
BONUS REASON: We’re dang good looking. Trust us.
*Photo: Shayne Laverdière 

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